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Your Cleanest Wood Floors—For The Long Haul

We’ve all been affected by temporary closures around the community. Whether you’re in Belleville, Glen Carbon, St. Louis or anywhere else in the country, the kids are home from school, daycares are closed, and you’re either working from home or temporarily not working at all.

And with the kids at home, you become more aware of certain details. When was the last time you spent so much time at home with the whole family? What are the kids sitting on when they play? What are your infants crawling across?

It’s totally understandable that when this “hyper focus” of your surroundings kicks on (after day three, four or five of staying at home), you notice things like the state of your hardwood floors. Wood flooring adds a beautiful touch to any room and has major benefits for any families with kids at home, but are you doing your best to keep it clean for your kids to play on?

Given how much time you might be at home these days, you and your family deserve to get the most out of your hardwood floors. Here are your must-know tips so you can give your floor a good cleaning now and feel better about your extra time spent at home, together.

Hardwood-specific products

Only use cleaning products designed for hardwood floors. You can always fall back on the manufacturer’s recommendations, but if your wood flooring has been around for a generation or more, you might not know where it originally came from. At Valor Home Services, we use Bona products, but as long as you find a product designed for hardwood floors (and use it right), you’ll be taking good care of your wood flooring.

Water is wood’s worst enemy

Part of using your cleaning products right is knowing how much to use. Water (and liquid in general) are wood’s worst enemy, so when you do mop or wipe your floor down, use damp microfiber cloths or mops—never soaking wet ones.

Allow time to dry

After cleaning your wood floor, give it time to dry while you clean another area or do something else. Your floor will need at least 40 minutes to dry well before everyone moves back over it. If you are cleaning the whole room, just make sure you clean the hardwood last.

Once it’s clean, keep it clean

After giving your hardwood floor a good clean, you can KEEP it clean with simple daily maintenance. In high-traffic areas, just sweep daily. Your mopping routine can be a once-a-week deal.

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