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Your Fall Guide to Hardwood Floor Care

For the majority of homeowners, their hardwood floors are one of the biggest assets in their homes.

It’s natural that we would want to maximize that investment. This means not only keeping hardwood floors beautiful, but in good condition.

Getting proper maintenance for your hardwood floors doesn’t have to be complicated. For starters, you can call a professional to do it for you. But for the day-to-day care and your basic seasonal maintenance, there’s also plenty you can do yourself.

Here are some of the professional tips to keep your hardwood floors in the best condition in these autumn months.

Fall Tasks for Hardwood Floor

With the trees changing color, your view from the window will be breathtaking this year. Just be sure that shedding leaves doesn’t mean the downfall of your hardwood flooring. Make sure absorbent mats are in place at each exterior-facing door. Even droplets of water tracked in as temperatures cool can cause pervasive damage to your flooring.

Next, as you carry plants inside for the fall and winter, be sure they each have a base underneath to catch water. If anything is absolute kryptonite for wood floors, it’s water, and standing water underneath a plant pot can go unnoticed until spring.

Finally, closing and locking windows is a helpful final step as you seal up and protect your home in general for the cold months. You probably don’t plan on opening the windows over the Midwest winter! And by locking windows, you help seal them tighter to avoid the air gap that can ultimately mean cold and moisture accruing on your hardwood (not to mention higher utility bills).

Do your homework before hiring any flooring company to come in and help if your hardwood floors need deeper maintenance. If you really want to preserve your wood flooring, a service provider with hardwood expertise will be the best equipped to help.