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Your Perfect Home Carpet – Mohawk’s Forever Clean

It functions as your “welcome home…” It’s your children’s playground and your dog’s bed. And oftentimes, it’s also the unsolicited clean-up mat for countless spilled dinners and drinks!

  • Your carpet is weaved (pun intended) into your day-to-day life. It works hard staying comfortable, beautiful and clean for you while taking on things like:
  • Tracked-in mud
  • Dinner-night wine spills
  • Household pet accidents
  • And functioning as your child’s roller-rink or toy NASCAR arena

Your life gets so busy that sometimes it seems like only industrial-strength carpets can withstand all that your household dishes out! So…how else could it be possible to keep a picture-worthy, clean carpet that’s ultra soft and lasts through the years?

Mohawk’s SmartStrand Forever Clean product heard your demands, and responded with the perfect, silky-soft carpet that’s as beautiful as it is functional.

The secret is in the strands

Mohawk uses three times the average amount of individual fibers—700 to be exact—to regular carpets, each equipped with stain-resistant technology. That’s an army of 700 superior spill-and-soil-shielding warriors at your beck and call 24/7!

Down to the microscopic level, Mohawk had invested in performance boosting spring-like molecules that prevent matting and crushing. The result is a dense and plush carpet that not only repels liquids, but bounces back after heavy furniture spots and in high-traffic areas.

Pet-owners never again need worry about accidents or regular claw wear-and-tear. As the only luxury carpet that provides a life-time pet protection warranty, Mohawk clearly prides themselves on carpets made of fibers that soak-up ZERO of moisture while being free from harmful manufacturing substances.

They even put their carpeting to the test against a rhino. Yeah, it’s that durable.

It comes as no wonder why we recommend and install Mohawk carpet flooring.

You’ve always been told that accidents are accidents, that there’s no way to plan for them. Mohawk’s innovative carpet line is here to prove us wrong. There will always be an “oops” moment, that’s just life, so plan for it! We’re willing to bet your home carpet right now is made from nylon materials..fun fact—nylon can absorb up to thirty pounds of moisture. That means thirty pounds of odor wafting around you every day!


Plan for your “oops” with a carpet that’s always ready for clean-up as quickly as it took to make the mess in the first place! Mohawk’s Forever Clean Line is three times easier to clean than the average competitor carpets thanks to a specially designed spill and stain shield. Vacuum as much as you’d like, the protection is guaranteed to last a lifetime.


Your home’s carpet is supposed to welcome you with comfortable and clean arms. Every day you deserve to wake up to a fresh and clean space to kick-start your day. Learn why seven million homes and growing are switching over to Mohawk’s SmartStrand forever clean line of carpets today, and why companies like Valor Home Services choose to install these carpets.