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Your SHOULD-Ask Mohawk Carpet FAQ’s

Aladdin’s carpet had personality, but you could make the argument that our expectations today for our carpet flooring are even more demanding: comfort, design, warmth, family-friendly, pet-friendly, resistance to life’s spills and stains, performance…and the list could go on.

We wouldn’t be satisfied if it were “only” a flying carpet. We want it all. But why shouldn’t we have it all if Mohawk Carpet is the reliable solution?

The first ever Mohawk carpet was installed in 1878, and they’ve been consistent ever since. How are Mohawk carpets special? Why would you buy a Mohawk carpet? What do you need to know before thinking about buying a Mohawk carpet? Let’s see! If you weren’t asking these questions already, you should be. These are your Should-Ask Mohawk Carpeting Questions.

1. How many options do I have in terms of style?

There are 4 things you need to know about when it comes to the style of your Mohawk carpet so that it fits your room’s look and lifestyle. You can choose from a variety of colors, the carpet weave and fiber style and the fiber brand, and you can also decide if you need it to be pet-friendly (or kid or husband-friendly). Our recommendation is almost always to choose a pet-friendly and kid-friendly Mohawk carpet since you never know when you’re going to have company. In terms of color and design, you’ll find that Mohawk carpets are very versatile and that style options exist for every look.

2. What surfaces work well when installing Mohawk carpet?

You can install Mohawk carpeting over virtually any surface. Carpet flooring is especially useful at hiding flaws in your subflooring, including uneven leveling.

3. Are Mohawk carpets pet-friendly and kid-friendly? And in what ways?

We’ve recommended choosing a pet-friendly and kid-friendly carpet, but maybe you asked yourself, “is there such a thing?” Well…yes! Mohawk carpets deliver this assurance on three optional levels of performance:

  • Stain resistant: this type of carpet is perfect for bedrooms, offices or any places with moderate traffic. They are made with Polyester Fiber and protected with Scotchgard, designed to resist stains and keep the carpet looking brand new for longer.
  • Wear resistant: Made from Nylon Fiber, this kind of Mohawk carpet will put up with pets and kids alike. This carpet is meant for higher traffic areas like living rooms, hallways, stairs, and even playrooms. It won’t get too worn out—even if your kid is Iron Man three days of the week.
  • Stain Wear + Resistant: This is meant for dining rooms and any heavy traffic area where spills are likely. It combines durability with softness, stain and soil resistance. This option is made from the Mohawk exclusive Triexta Fiber.

4. What are the available carpet styles?

As far as the Mohawk carpet styles are involved, you can choose between four construction styles: loop, pattern, texture and frieze (twist).

Loop is a very reliable style—it looks nice AND it’s durable. Pattern is a combination of loop and cut heights, and can look dramatic, bold, or simple. Heavy traffic is no problem. The texture style can give you style diversity for any room. And the frieze texture will give your carpet an interesting twist—literally.

5. Mohawk carpet maintenance?

Yes, like anything on this planet, Mohawk carpets need regular maintenance, but with the brand’s quality and performance it doesn’t have to be anything “big.” You just need to:

  • Vacuum once a week
  • Remove stains immediately
  • Cut sprouts or snags, don’t pull them!
  • And get a professional cleaning once yearly Hit us up on Facebook if you have other questions or want to get the conversation started! And remember, we’re serving O’Fallon, Shiloh and surrounding areas, including Belleville—so we can be at your beck and call if you’re in the neighborhood.